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were the 18-year-old was shot to death. a 17-year-old boy and two women are expected to survive. police say shots were fired after a confrontation broke out between two groups. organizers say they will try to make changes to the event. >> hearts go out to the victims, and we're going to do what we can to address these. these are people who love oakland and want to keep the positive energy going. >> it began as an event for art murmur, and turned into a first friday night festival. the event attracts more than 1240u7b people with music and entertainment. developing news. a rescue in the north bay. an elderly man was taken to the hospital after nearly drowning near the beach two teenage boogie boarders saw him struggling in the surf and brought him to safety. >> now to the excitement of
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super bowl xlvii. we're less than 24 hours away from the big game and our crews are live in new orleans tonight. we begin with. >> larry: a 49er and a raider but no edie debartolo go into the hall of fame. seven new members were voted in, but eddie d was not among those selected. there will be some red and gold going to captainon this year. larry allen, dominating force on the offensive line for years, most of the years with the coins-finished with the niners, came out of sonoma state, now liveness blackhawk. larry allen is a hall of famer, first ballot, as is warren zap. will be enshrined. she said his feet haven't touched the ground for half an hour. zap was dominant on the defensive line. eddie d was passed over again.
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niners owner jed york says his uncle deserves to be in the hall. >> there's no question in my mind that he belongs in the hall of fame. you look at the owners in there, he is at the top of the list. i hope people see that and understand that he was the best owner in the history of professional sports. >> larry: in other news, the 49ers announced kris culliver will get sensitivity training after making antigay comments on tvmentz culliver will volunteer at the trevor project in san francisco which provides crisis and suicide intervention for lesbian, gay, buy sexual and transgender youth. i hope you have been watching all leaning long because wayne freedman has done some tremendous stories. he has been out and about in the french quarter, on bourbon street. tonight he joins us from outside new orleans. he is with his people, the swamp people. wayne?
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>> well, near a a restaurant we liked so much in louisiana we liked so much, we're going to stick around for dinner. that's cray fish on the table. how much do you have there? >> eight pounds. >> eight pounds in a place called sal's seafood restaurant. another table. they don't bother with plates. they spread putt and eat it. cray fish, crab, gumbo. what brought us here? >> 15 miles southwest of new orleans, ever here of la feet, louisiana? it's a place where even this weekend the super bowl is an afterthought. >> what's the big attraction? >> alligators. >> we're entering the heart of louisiana swampland dereckness. only the bravest souls venture here. boatloads of them. >> it's awesome but it's creepy. >> these animals are not mechanical. >> they're real?
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>> real enough to touch and hold? must be on something. >> and thanks to the navigating of the captain, they're right off the side. >> didn't have alligators. >> want to pet them? >> no. wouldn't mind a pocketbook. >> all part of the john la feat national preserve, and the al gators are protected but you haven't seen a big one yet. now you have. here's a closeup look at the dominant male in these parts. he is easy to find because he is almost 11 feet long. >> how old is he? >> 67 years. >> how big? >> 11 feet, probably 400, 500 pounds. >> somebody you want to tangle will? >> no. >> he didn't move because at 70 degrees today the water was cold. what is that? you wonder how we got this shot? a brave cameraman named randy davis. do not try this at home, especially when cruising a bayou in louisiana.
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♪ >> now you're looking at sal's seafood from outside. why did we pick this place? look at it. neon lights, fluorescent lights examination most important it has cars out front. all day long, this is the fewest cars we have seen because it's about to close and they still got folks coming in. what a restaurant. cray fish, love it. live in louisiana, abc7 news. >> larry: wayne, another great st. randy davis is fearless. mike shumann will be along with the rest of sports including the rest of the hall of fame inductees. i want to leave you with a prediction for tomorrow night. 49ers over the ravens, 3 2-28. my only hesitation is that purple dress of yours could be a jinx. it could disrupt the mojo, ama?
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that's the only thing standing in our way. >> the only problem it's not a dress, it's a jacket. so we'll work on that. i have my red all picked out for tomorrow. we're good to go for super bowl. thank you, larry. they're sending out a lot of behind the scene updates. 49er fans michael and ken, we're retweeting the best, and during the game follow our team in new orleans on twitter and facebook for the best up to the minute coverage. and whatever happens on sunday night, abc7 news will be here to cover it. we'll be right after the game with live coverage from the bay area and new orleans. >> just ahead, predicting the super bowl, larry just did. but coming out, find out who other guys think will win. >> also ahead. bay area workers want to expose the dirty secrets in the recycle can business. >> the warning you need to know
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about if you're heading to the beach. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. temperatures actually came down a few degrees this afternoon. what about your supersunday? we'll look at that forecast. plus take a look ahead to see when
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>> ama: two barret stations have re-opened after a suspicious item was found on the track. the walnut creek bomb squad found the items harmless and service returned to normal at 2:30. >> at 6:00, recycling plant workers concerned about
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conditions and wages met in oakland to air their grievances thivment sort through tons of recyclables each day and say they're exposed to bio hazards leak heap determine mick needles and their pay is lower than other recycle workers in other city. >> the workers are meeting to try to improve the conditions, so it's not so dangerous, pays enough to support families so they don't have to live in poverty so the services are better and recycling is easier to use. >> we contacted the recycler companies and none of them aned our request for a response. >> a warning if your heading to the coast, what you need to look out for. there is any rain on the way? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: football's hall of fame unducted seven new members. we'll have some
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>> ama: the national weather service issued a coastal hazard warning for this weekend and that means an increased threat of sneaker waves. sneaker waves come out of nowhere and can sweep people off the beach and into the ocean. >> make sure that everyone is where they're supposed to be and
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no one is sucked out to sea. but just like buddy up. >> ama: five people have died on san francisco beaches since november. leigh glaser has been tracking our weather to fine out what is in store for the rest of the evening and tomorrow. >> leigh: a little more cloudiness move across the bay area overnight tonight. of course, the clouds we saw today helped to keep temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday. you can already see the clouds moving in, more of an onshore wind component and deal with fog as well. yes, a beach hazard has been posted through early tomorrow morning. here's what we're talking about. dangerous sneaker waves. stay back from the wear's edge and avoid slippery rocks, and doo never turn your back to the surf. it looks like these waves will start to subside by about mid-day tomorrow. here's the highs today. coming down as much as six or
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seven degrees. cloverdale, 6 2. clear lake, 70. compared to san rafael, 59. 56 in san francisco. brentwood and oakley, mid-to-low 60s. recorded highs there today. 58 today in gilroy. right now we are pretty much in the 50s. we're 53 in santa rosa, novato, 52. 55, oakland, san francisco, 51 in san jose, and 56 right now in antioch as those clouds continue to thicken up across the bay area. and it will be passing over us from time to time tonight. also, some patchy valley fog will redevelop, and it took time for it to burp off this morning so we'll go with hazy sun for our supersunday, and enjoy the next couple of days with mild temperatures because we're going to see some big changes. cooler weather next week and the return of showers. lows tonight, upper 30s to near 40 degrees. interior locations, watch out for the fog. the clouds moving in as well.
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otherwise we'll look for mid-up toker 40s around the bay as well as the coast. high pressure still in command. although it is starting to weaken with high clouds moving from southern california towards the bay area. so hazy sunshine tomorrow, and then tuesday and wednesday and thursday, the he well start to break down, and that is when we'll see the weather pattern change to more of a colder scenario. super bowl tomorrow outside the arena, it will be partly cloudy, temperatures 66. monday morning, the cloud thicken up and there is a chance of rain. temperatures for the bay area, mid-to-low 60s. antioch, 62. 63, morgan hill. and here's the seven-day forecast. we're doing pretty good. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we start to cool things off considerably, and that's when we'll bring chance of showers back into the forecast next thursday and friday.
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>> ama: thank you, leigh. let's head back out to new orleans and mike shumann. >> mike: look forward to seeing you guys again and the prime profootball hall of fame just celebrated -- unfortunately eddie debe -- debartolo did not make it. let's show you who did. larry allen, of course, former dallas cowboy offensive tackle, representing -- cowboys -- >> told you my feet haven't touched the ground for 30 minutes. this is unbelievable. we played -- play the ultimate team sport and this is the ultimate examination of an individual. >> broke down and start crying. >> larry allen started crying? >> yes, sir.
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>> the other inductees include kris carter, curley culp, and dave around binson were the two senior picks. and the ravens first ever hall of famer, bill parcell led the new york giants to two southern bowls. around the nfl, blake robert grn iii won the offensive rookie of the year award, beating out andrew luck and russell wilson. he set nfl quarterback records for passer rating. >> the colts aryans became the first interim coach to win the coach of the year award. he took over when head coach joe pagano was diagnosed with
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leukemia. >> third round of the phoenix open. there seems to be no stopping phil mickelson. this is his tee shot on the 16th. a foot short of a hole-in-one. lefty birded the last four holes, holds a six-stroke lead at 24-under. tied the course record for lowest score after 54 holes. >> mike: now i'm back. we had some technical problems there, and we have been here all week, and i can manage to go over and fine some former teammates and other players, and people, to see what their predictions were for super bowl xlvii. >> the greatest or all-time, wide receiver jerry rice, i'm looking for predictions. >> i'm going 24-17, san francisco 49ers. i think this team overall is a better team. i played for the ravens for a couple years, still a ravens
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fan, so on paper, i think it's the 49ers. >> who is your prediction to win the super bowl? >> oh, gosh. die have to say? >> yes. >> ravens. >> maybe all those years the 49ers beat your dad's cowboys? >> oh, my god. that's why you wanted to come over here. >> i leak the 49ers. i think they're big, can dominate the game. >> i like both teams, but at the end of the day, if kaepernick has the type of good morning he had against green bay, it's going to be hard to beat the 49ers. >> i like the 49ers. that being said, i have unsuccessfully bet against the ravens for three weeks in a row. so this is my general stubbornness now. >> mike: there you have it. a general feel, seems like everybody is slants towards the 49ers, and you're probably wondering, shu, who do you like?
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you have to wait until 11:00. the niners are either going to win by a lot or the ravens will win by a little bit i'll let you know who my pick is. >> ama: you're holding out on us. larry gave us his prediction. write it down but i can't find it. 32 to something. i think it was the 49ers. better be. i'm hoping yours is the 49ers, too. thank you, shu. we'll see you later. >> mike: i'll tell you at 11:00. >> ama: that mysterious voice was rick quan, coming in and bringing it home for us. 49ers fans are showing off their team spirit and the kaepernick craze continues. these fans are ready to party tomorrow. share your photoses on
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we're also posting picks on >> still to come at 6:00, ringing in the lunar new year, the celebrations underway this weekend. we'll be right back. >> and abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars on february 24th. check out the app for details on the nominees and keep track of your favorites. your favorites. the apps available forys of walg
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>> join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll look into a mystery washing ashore in the uk. what is killing these birds before they can escape the ocean. >> then at 11:00 here, the photograph stirring up controversy. president obama shooting a rifle just days ahead of another gun control meeting. coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> chinatown kicked off the lunar new year with a celebration. this is the year of the snake and today was the annual chinese new year fair. a smaller version of next week's snake parade marched down grant avenue. thousands of people turned out. apparently some animals aren't big niner fans.
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this orangutan in salt lake city picked the baltimore ravens to win, and according to zookeepers he is 5-5 in picking super bowl winners, and in florida, man any do d -- man tees also picked the ravens. they're 55 as well. let's hope they get it wrong this year. that's it for us a 6:00. thank you for being here and all of or team in new orleans, thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> 49er >> the following
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